Sunday, May 4, 2008


This WebQuest is meant to introduce us to the life and works of Nathaniel Hawthorne before we begin to study his writing. Skim the articles whose links are located below and answer the questions listed under each website as well as noting any other fun facts you think might prove interesting or relevant.
What were the years of Hawthorne's birth and death?
List a few of Hawthorne's friends who's works we have read.
Was Hawthorne famous during his lifetime?
Tell me three facts about his childhood/youth.
What is Hawthorne's most well known work?
How successful was this work and why?
What was the year of it's publication?
Tell me three facts about the writing process.
Pick one of Hawthorne's short stories and write a concise plot summary. Pay particular attention to anything different or striking about his writing and be prepared to show an example.